Promoting African Youth Choral Music

La Mennais Moshi (Tanzania)

The La Mennais Choir Moshi is an integral part of the LA MENNAIS VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE in Moshi/ Tanzania (

It was in 2006, that the Brothers of Christian Instruction in collaboration with their German friends of HELFEN MACHT SCHULE e.V. built a school at the Brothers’ Centre in Moshi (Tanzania). The school provides skills to disadvantaged youth, especially primary school leavers who could not pursue secondary education and form four dropouts. It intends to equip these youth with the needed knowledge to start self-reliant careers in the field of their choice. In their free time the students undertake various activities in order to develop their talents. The choir is one of these activities.

The LA MENNAIS VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE receives 100% of the benefits of this LP sale.

released 27 July 2013


Choir Master: Emmanuel Moshi & Josephine Riwa
Drums: Robert Mosha
Kayamba: Melikisedek Kessy

Choir members: Gerald Malunda, Credo Nwakanzi, Priscuss Abou, Bahat Mallya, Valence Lyimo, Amadeus Massawi, Emanueli R. Moshi, Artas Makoi, Evance Marenge, Dionisian Mallya, Alfonce Mtui, Bonifasi Shayo, Rogasian Ulassa, Colman Mushi, Amini Wirambowa, Nikasi Ngowi, Josephina Ntsuya, Krenki Kiria, Felix Kiria, Gabriel Mushi, Devota, Tesh, Jaclean Kessy, Jacklean Muya, Sapienisa Nyake, Julitha Tarimogea, Jackline Urio, Baltazar Renatus, Audifas Severini, Agripinus Kika, Amani Mwumbo, John Mkakanze, Melodi Shoo, Prisca Munish, Veronica Shayo

Songs produced by Thomas Mecha for SAUTI YA FURAHA
All songs mastered by Janis Kersting

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